Mike Myers Welcomes Baby Boy

Mike Myers can finally relieve Verne Troyer of his Mini-Me duties because the comedian has found someone more qualified for the part: his son! Life & Style reports that Myers and his wife, Kelly Tisdale, welcomed a baby boy two weeks ago and they named the little guy Spike. After dating since 2006 and enjoying a quiet life while co-habitating in Myers’ surely glorious SoHo apartment, the couple married in late 2010 in what was quite possibly one of the most secretive celebrity weddings of the year because we only found out about it in March of this year. And so enjoying their son for the first two weeks of his life without telling anyone about his arrival doesn’t seem too out of character for the pair, and at a day and age where Kim Kardashian is so exposed that we even have x-rays of her butt, Myers and Tisdale’s decision is much more than a teensie weensie bit sweet.

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Source: Life & Style, NYP, Us