Mila Kunis Scolds a Reporter in Russian

Is there something in the water? Because celebs are certainly getting feisty this week. First Matt Damon put a reporter and cameraman in their place at this week’s Save Our Schools march and now Mila Kunis is getting sassy with the media as well. While at a press junket for Friends With Benefits in Moscow, the actress not only gave a reporter some back-talk, but she did it in a foreign language (for some reason that’s even cooler). 

It all started when the reporter asked costar, Justin Timberlake, the question that’s on everyone’s mind — why is he focusing on movies now instead of music?  It seems like a logical and valid question, right? Well Ms. Kunis didn’t seem to think so — she quickly jumped in to defend Timberlake before he even got a chance to translate what was said since this whole interview was being done in Russian. The Russian-fluent actress snapped back, “Why movies? Why not? What kind of question is that? Why are you here?” Yikes, defensive much? One could say she was a bit harsh about the whole thing since Timberlake was first and foremost a singer, but I can’t help but forgive her since I’m just so impressed she can yell at someone out in Russian. Timberlake looks completely dumbfounded during the whole situation, which is priceless.

Source: E Online