Miley Cyrus Gets Invite To Marine Corps Ball

The YouTube invites just keep on coming (whether we like it or not).  Miley Cyrus has now received her own video invite to the Marine Corps Ball from a Private First Class Hart.  Hart states in the video that he would love the singer to join him for the event at Camp Pendleton in California.  Talk about beating a dead horse.  Pretty soon it’s going to become a requirement to bring a celeb as your date.  It was a cute idea at the beginning, but come on — regular humans make great dates too. 

Mila Kunis and her Friends With Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake are planning on attending two separate balls with their YouTube dates.  Betty White also received a video invite, but unfortunately her work schedule wouldn’t allow it.  There’s been no word yet if Miss Miley plans on taking Hart up on his offer.  Should she follow her predecessor’s suit and do it for her country?  Come on, Miley — it’s a Party in the USA!  Check out the latest (copycat) video below:

Source: ONTD