Miley Cyrus Reported for Battery, Says LAPD

miley cyrusWhat happens when 19-year-old Miley Cyrus parties in the USA past midnight? She reportedly gets into fights. Sara Faden, a spokesperson for the LAPD, tells that a battery report was filed against Cyrus at approximately 1:15 Sunday morning after the Hannah Montana star allegedly got physical with a partygoer at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, Calif.

“She and an unidentified man — [who] may have been her boyfriend or significant other — were talking with another gentleman when they became involved with an argument,” the spokesperson says. “After an encounter with this man, a battery report was filed at our LA Hollywood PD station alleging that she pushed him and maybe punched him as well.”

The spokesperson confirms that no arrests have been made and that there were no “visible signs of any injury.” Hollywood detectives are currently investigating the alleged incident further. has yet to hear back from Cyrus’ rep.

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