Miley Cyrus Twerks in a Unicorn Onesie… Because She’s Awesome – VIDEO

Miley Cyrus Unicorn Onesie

Sometimes a girl just wants to dance. By herself. In a unicorn onesie. (Yes, a unicorn, don’t you dare call her a frog.) 

After tweeting on Tuesday about her penchant for comfortable, animal-shaped clothing — “It’s a onezie PARTY (of one)” and “When you don’t know what to wear…. Wear a onezie. #killtwobirdswithoneonezie” — and a photo of herself in said cozy garment, Miley Cyrus proceeded to show her fans the many wonderful things a onesie can do. It can pop, it can lock, it can drop it. It can #TWERK, as Miley put it on Facebook.  

Here’s the video, we suggest you watch it. 

Werk it girl, you do your thing. 

As amazing as the outfit and dance moves are — and they are definitely the most amazing things I’ve seen this Thursday — the best thing about this video is that it just proves, once again, that Miley doesn’t give a f**k. 

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For weeks now, rumors regarding Cyrus and her fiancé Liam Hemsworth have made the tabloid rounds, culminating in the New York Post‘s pronouncement on March 13 that the two had called off their engagement. But even as her name appeared in headlines across every entertainment outlet, including ours, Miley herself has stayed out of the spotlight. She reined in her tweeting for a couple days, she didn’t make any major public appearances, and she didn’t talk to the media. 

While no one except for Cyrus and Hemsworth really know the intimate details of their relationship or what the status currently is — Cyrus was seen without her engagement ring but now it’s back on, so that’s whatever — one thing is for certain: Cyrus is doin’ A-OK. 

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Just look at her. She’s having a grand ol’ time! “You want to talk about me?” Cyrus seems to be saying. “Then talk about this!” You got it, lady! Just one more question: Can we hang out sometime? 

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