Miley Cyrus’ Twitter Wisdom Inspired These Cat Posters

I’m not sure how much you know about Disney cash printer Miley Cyrus, but, like any pop star under the age of 20 with a smart phone and cause to gripe, she is on Twitter. Not only is she on Twitter, but her stream reads like it was cribbed off a Successories poster in a guidance counselor’s office. The singer loves her glib platitudes and sugary inspirational quotes! She loves them so much she just had one tattooed on her body. This is what it says: “So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” The source? A Theodore Roosevelt speech, which also says it is not the “critic who counts,” (Translation to 2012: “don’t listen to the haterz.”)

In celebration of her inky tribute and her penchant for Tweets that sound like greeting cards from the 99 cent store, we decided to gift you all some inspirational Miley Cyrus cat posters. Miley provided the tweets; we provided the cat pictures. Just like Miley and the Hemsworth brother she’s engaged to (there are so many I get them all confused), it’s a match made in kitty cat heaven. Next time you feel a little down, just print one of these out and slap it up on your wall. Miley will save the day once more. ALT

So, which one do you think Miley is choosing? I bet the reality altering one. That sounds like a super power!


Wait, Miley, why are you giving us conflicting accounts of how to achieve happiness?


Oh, so Miley deserved to be the daughter of a rich pop star who never made her learn grammar. Got it.


Me too, sister! Me too!


Wow, Miley, my life has been changed.

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