Miley Cyrus Will Go ‘So Undercover’

Miley CyrusThe world is Miley Cyrus crazy. Who knew Hannah Montana would turn into some sort of unstoppable force of teenage superstardom? I certainly didn’t. (Sorry, Hilary Duff, but I don’t think Lizzie McGuire ever worked this kind of magic for you. Maybe you should have done a racy/creepy photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz, too.) Kids are buying Miley-brand everything – from clothes and music to movies and TV, she commands attention from every direction. But there’s one thing Miley hasn’t done. She’s mostly depended on her toothy grin and singing to propel her into success, but now she’s diving into action. Yes, action. Well, action-ish. It’s still Miley Cyrus we’re talking about here.

She’s signed on for a new action-comedy where her character goes undercover and it’s called So Undercover. Riveting. Absolutely riveting. He character will play a tough cookie – a private eye hired by the FBI to go so undercover at a sorority. (Why does everyone suddenly want to be Veronica Mars?) I’m sorry, I don’t know if I can buy the former (bewigged) blondie as street-smart or old enough to be hired by the FBI or go to college – she’s not even 18 yet. Plus, she’s not exactly the stealthy type; she’s more the “Hey y’all, it’s Miley!” type.

Apparently this new role is all part of the plan – the giant money-making plan. Her movies have already earned $630 million worldwide and apparently this switch to the action-comedy genre is an attempt to bring in more than just tweens and a handful of people who are tweens at heart. It’s Miley, y’all and she’s so coming for all y’all.

Source: Deadline

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