Millie Bobby Brown From ‘Stranger Things’ Loves Being A Celebrity

Millie Bobby Brown might only be 12 years old, but she’s had a taste of fame, and she loves it.

The Stranger Things kids went on Chelsea and had a chat about their newfound fame. Millie wasn’t at all shy in admitting she absolutely loves being a celebrity — who else gets a hair and makeup artist everyday?

“I love having a makeup artist and a hair stylist. I’m like ‘Yes, they’re there!’ she said.

That’s not the only think Millie likes about being famous. She loves early mornings. Uh, what? You’re almost a teenager, girl. We guarantee you won’t be saying that next year. She also loves having school on set, and we don’t blame her. Celebrity TV catering is probably a lot better than the soggy, frozen slice of pizza and chocolate milk we’d get in public school.

To fit into her new celebrity persona, there’s one thing Millie does everyday. No, she doesn’t throw laptops out of the window of her penthouse suite like Mariah Carey (even though she definitely can sing). Millie enjoys a latte from Starbucks because the true mark of being a celeb is carrying your Starbucks to work.

“I love having a Starbucks because I feel like celebrities do that. I’m trying to fit in. I’m like ‘Oh, I’m having a Starbucks in the morning.’ So, I’m trying to do that,” she admitted.

Check out the full interview above.