Minna Gombell

Born: 05/28/1892 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Actor (43)

The Best Years of Our Lives 1946 (Movie)


Sunbonnet Sue 1945 (Movie)


High Sierra 1940 (Movie)

Mrs. Baughmam (Actor)

Thieves Fall Out 1940 (Movie)


Boom Town 1939 (Movie)


Going Places 1938 (Movie)


The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1938 (Movie)


Block-Heads 1937 (Movie)


The Great Waltz 1937 (Movie)

Mrs. Hofbauer (Actor)

Banjo on My Knee 1935 (Movie)

Ruby (Actor)

The Merry Widow 1933 (Movie)

Marcelle (Actor)

The Thin Man 1933 (Movie)

Mimi (Actor)

Bad Girl 1930 (Movie)


Babbitt (Movie)

Mrs. Reisling (Actor)

Bachelor's Affairs (Movie)

Sheila (Actor)

Champagne Charlie (Movie)

Lillian Wayne (Actor)

Comet over Broadway (Movie)

Tim Adams (Actor)

Cross Country Cruise (Movie)

Nita (Actor)

Doomed Caravan (Movie)

Jane Travers (Actor)

Here Comes the Groom (Movie)

Mrs. Godfrey (Actor)

Hoop-La (Movie)

Carrie (Actor)

Keep 'em Rolling (Movie)

Julie (Actor)

Make Way for Tomorrow (Movie)

Nellie Chase (Actor)

Man Alive (Movie)

Aunt Sophie (Actor)

Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost (Movie)

Edith FitzPatten (Actor)

No More Women (Movie)

Annie Fay (Actor)

Pagan Love Song (Movie)

Kate Bennett (Actor)

Rainbow Trail (Movie)

Ruth (Actor)

Registered Nurse (Movie)

Schloss (Actor)

Return of the Bad Men (Movie)

Emily (Actor)

Salute for Three (Movie)

Myrt (Actor)

Slave Ship (Movie)

Mabel (Actor)

Sob Sister (Movie)

Vonnie (Actor)

Strictly Dynamite (Movie)

Miss LeSeur (Actor)

The Big Brain (Movie)

Margy (Actor)

The Town Went Wild (Movie)

Marian Harrison (Actor)

The Way to Love (Movie)

Suzanne (Actor)

The White Cockatoo (Movie)

Grete Levscheim (Actor)

What Price Innocence? (Movie)

Amy Harper (Actor)

Wife, Doctor and Nurse (Movie)

Constance (Actor)

Wild Boys of the Road (Movie)

Aunt Carrie (Actor)

Wild Girl (Movie)

Millie (Actor)

Wyoming (Movie)

Queenie (Actor)


Myron C Fagan




Hollywood film actress


New York film actress "The Great Power"


joined a touring stage company