Mino Doro

Born: 05/06/1903 in Venice, , IT


Actor (10)

Hornet's Nest 1969 (Movie)


Action Man 1967 (Movie)


8 1/2 1963 (Movie)

Claudia's Agent (Actor)

Everybody Go Home! 1962 (Movie)

Major Nocella (Actor)

Duel of Champions 1961 (Movie)

Caio (Actor)

Two Weeks in Another Town 1961 (Movie)

Tucino (Actor)

Ben-Hur 1959 (Movie)

Gratus (Actor)

Hercules in the Haunted World 1959 (Movie)


The Man From Cairo 1953 (Movie)

Major Blanc (Actor)

What Price Innocence? (Movie)

Massimo Artesi (Actor)