Miranda Kerr Reveals That Ending Her Victoria’s Secret Contract Was Her Idea

Credit: Jeff Grossman/WENN

It’s not you, it’s her, Victoria’s Secret. After rumors swirled that model Miranda Kerr was let go (or as some folks put it, “fired”) from her Victoria’s Secret contract, the lingerie company quickly hopped to Kerr’s defense, telling Hollywood.com that she’d “always be an Angel.” Now she’s speaking out and, from the looks of things, the feeling is mutual.

“This is a natural evolution,” says the Australian model in Sunday’s issue of the Sydney Morning Herald. “I’m now entering a new phase in my life. I have felt this coming since my son was born and, after I became a mother, I realized I needed to prioritize my time,” she adds.

To put it simply: it’s pretty hard to be a mom and have commitments on the level of a yearly contract with a lingerie giant like Victoria’s Secret. As VS President and Chief Marketing Officer Ed Razek said earlier this week, Kerr will continue to do campaigns, ads, and appearances for the company, just not under contract and not as regularly as her fellow Angels, who aren’t busy raising small children.

So, as juicy and salacious as a story about Kerr being ousted for not selling enough panties from the “Sexy Little Things” lingerie line is, it’s simply not the case. And now that it’s the story on both sides of this once rumored “fight,” can we all let bygones be bygones while Kerr enjoys her newfound motherhood?

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