Mireille Perrier

Born: 11/13/1959


Actor (33)

Mr. X: A Vision of Leos Carax 2014 (Movie)


Bad Seeds 2012 (Movie)

Nathalie Delcourt (Actor)

Looking For Simon 2011 (Movie)


Point Blank 2011 (Movie)

Commandant Fabre (Actor)

Toutes les filles pleurent 2010 (Movie)


Out of the Blue 2009 (Movie)


J'entends plus la guitare 2008 (Movie)

Lolla (Actor)

Orly 2008 (Movie)


L' Homme Qui Marche 2007 (Movie)

Liliane (Actor)

Bad Blood 2001 (Movie)

Young Mother (Actor)

The Ice Rink 2000 (Movie)

The Assistant (Actor)

A Major Inconvenience 1999 (Movie)

Fabienne (Actor)

Les Diseurs de verite 1999 (Movie)


For Sale 1998 (Movie)

Primo's Ex-Wife (Actor)

Le Comptoir 1998 (Movie)


Krim 1994 (Movie)

Sabine (Actor)

A Shadow of a Doubt 1993 (Movie)

Marie LeBlanc (Actor)

La Sevillane 1993 (Movie)

Pascale (Actor)

Two Brothers, My Sister 1993 (Movie)

The Teacher (Actor)

Betrayal 1992 (Movie)

Laura Cocea (Actor)

Toto the Hero 1992 (Movie)

of Evelyne As an Old Woman (Voice)

Toto the Hero 1992 (Movie)

Adult Evelyne (Actor)

Golem, the Spirit of the Exile 1991 (Movie)

Ruth (Actor)

Netchaiev est de Retour 1991 (Movie)

Sylvie (Actor)

Un Monde sans pitie 1991 (Movie)

Nathalie (Actor)

Le Entrainement du Champion Avant la Course 1990 (Movie)

Liliane (Actor)

Chocolat 1989 (Movie)

France Dalens--as an Adult (Actor)

La Vallee des anges 1987 (Movie)


Ou que tu sois 1987 (Movie)

Judith (Actor)

High Speed 1985 (Movie)


Jour et Nuit 1985 (Movie)

Anna (Actor)

Boy Meets Girl 1984 (Movie)

Mireille (Actor)