Mitchell Froom

Born: 06/29/1953


Music (13)

Funny People 2009 (Movie)

Score Producer (Music Producer)

The Princess and the Frog 2009 (Movie)

Original Songs/Score Producer (Music Producer)

Meet the Parents 2000 (Movie)

song producer("A Fool in Love") (Song)

Sessions at West 54th 1997 - 2000 (TV Show)

Theme Music

Tomorrow Never Dies 1997 (Movie)

("Tomorrow Never Dies") (Song)

The Evening Star 1996 (Movie)

("Something so Stong") (Song)

Tequila Sunrise 1988 (Movie)

song producer("Recurring Dream") (Song)

Slam Dance 1987 (Movie)


Slam Dance 1987 (Movie)

keyboardist (Performer)

Slam Dance 1987 (Movie)

song producer("Bing Can't Walk" "Art Life" "High Hopes") (Song)

Slam Dance 1987 (Movie)

("Bing Can't Walk") (Song Performer)

City Limits 1985 (Movie)