Model Almost Dies in Door Mix-Up

Model Almost Dies in Door Mix-Up

Supermodel Tatyana Simanava was almost killed yesterday when she mistook the exit door of a luxury bus for a bathroom door and fell from the moving vehicle onto a Brooklyn, New York City, highway.

The Belarus-born beauty, who was en route to a modeling appointment, suffered bruising to her right arm and jaw, but has not broken any bones.

She fumes, “I am not angry, but I would like that there are some changes made, that nothing like this can happen again.

“I am sure that the exit doors have to be locked and they have to be marked. There were no signs.

“I asked where the bathroom was and I was told it’s down the stairs, there’s a door.

“I opened the first door I saw, and I don’t remember anything after that. My friends told me the bus driver saw me fall.

“Everybody said it is lucky that I am alive.”

Linda Safir, who owns bus hire company On Time Elite, says, “I think that (the doors) are marked. I’m very confused as to how she could have done this.”

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