Moe Howard

Comedian, Actor, Singer
With his iconic bowl haircut, quick temper and penchant for inflicting harm on his two hapless cohorts, Moe Howard was the de facto leader of The Three Stooges, one of the most beloved, albeit critically maligned ... Read more »
Born: 06/19/1897 in Bensonhurst, New York, USA


Actor (19)

The MGM Three Stooges Festival 1982 (Movie)


The Three Stooges Follies 1973 (Movie)


The Outlaws Is Coming! 1965 (Movie)


Snow White and the Three Stooges 1961 (Movie)


The Three Stooges Meet Hercules 1961 (Movie)


The Three Stooges in Orbit 1961 (Movie)

The Three Stooges (Actor)

Have Rocket, Will Travel 1958 (Movie)

Moe (Actor)

Malice in the Palace 1949 (Movie)

Moe (Actor)

Brideless Groom 1947 (Movie)

Moe Howard (Actor)

Sing a Song of Six Pants 1947 (Movie)

Moe (Actor)

Disorder in the Court 1936 (Movie)

Moe (Actor)

Hollywood Party 1934 (Movie)


Meet the Baron 1933 (Movie)

Janitor (Actor)

Myrt and Marge 1933 (Movie)


Spooks (Movie)

Moe (Actor)

Start Cheering (Movie)

Stooge (Actor)

Swing Parade of 1946 (Movie)

Moe (Actor)

Who Done It? (Movie)

Moe (Actor)
Producer (1)

Canadian Pacific (Movie)

(Associate Producer)


With his iconic bowl haircut, quick temper and penchant for inflicting harm on his two hapless cohorts, Moe Howard was the de facto leader of The Three Stooges, one of the most beloved, albeit critically maligned, comedy teams of all time. Along with his brother, Shemp Howard, and Larry Fine, Moe first found fame as a member of vaudevillian comedian Ted Healy's "Stooges." But it was only after younger brother Jerome - renamed "Curly" - replaced Shemp and the trio became a solo act officially known as "The Three Stooges," that they achieved massive success on a national level. For Columbia Pictures, the Three Stooges would star in nearly 200 short films over a remarkable 24 year period. Both revered and reviled for their gleefully violent version of slapstick comedy, Larry, Moe and Curly became an indelible part of American pop culture. Over the course of a nearly 40-year career, there were several changes in the line-up - Curly's health problems brought back Shemp, who in turn was replaced by comedian Joe Besser, who eventually gave way to "Curly Joe" DeRita. Throughout it all, though, Moe remained the constant, keeping the Stooges on course and in the public eye, even if he had to crack a few skulls along the way. While contemplating the mainstream appeal and critical scorn heaped upon the Three Stooges over the years, Moe offered this simple yet elegant explanation - "Our comedy is based on upsetting dignity." That they did - and hilarity ensued.


Solomon Horwitz


Jennie Horwitz


Irving Horwitz


Jack Horwitz


Jerome Horwitz

born in 1903 died in 1952

Samuel Horwitz

born in 1895 died in 1955

Paul Howard

born c. 1935

Joan Maurer

born c. 1927 co-author, "The Three Stooges Scrapbook"

Helen Schonberger

married on June 7, 1925 until his death cousin of Harry Houdini died on October 31, 1975

Jeffrey Scott



P S 163

Brooklyn, New York

Erasmus Hall High School

Brooklyn, New York
dropped out after two months

Baron DeHirsch Trade School

New York, New York 1911 - 1912
studied briefly to be an electrician; dropped out after a few months



Portrayed by Chris Diamantopoulos in the Farrelly brothers' comedy feature "The Three Stooges"


Portrayed by Paul Ben-Victor in the ABC TV-movie "The Three Stooges"


Was reportedly writing autobiography <i>I Stooged to Conquer</i> when he died of lung cancer on May 4, 1975


Final film appearance, a cameo in "Doctor Death: Seeker of Souls"


Attempted to make final Stooges film "Kook's Tour"; production halted after Fine suffered a stroke


Featured in the live action and animated series "The New 3 Stooges"


Formed new Stooges act with Fine and Joe DeRita (as Curly-Joe); trio co-starred in "Have Rocket - Will Travel"


Following Shemp's death of a heart attack, Joe Palma and then Joe Besser brought in as part of The Three Stooges


Co-starred, along with Shemp and Fine, opposite George O'Brien in the Western feature "Gold Raiders"


Brother Curly suffered a stroke during the filming of "Half-Wits Holiday"; Curly replaced by Shemp


Co-starred with fellow Stooges in satirical short "You Nazty Spy!"


After departure of Healy, The Three Stooges signed to contract with Columbia


Shared writing credit with fellow Stooges in film short "Punch Drunks"


Co-starred with Fine and brother Curly in first Three Stooges short "Woman Haters"; appeared in 190 comedy films as member of The Three Stooges


Made shorts at MGM, including "Give a Man a Job" with Jimmy Durante


Film debut with Healy and co. in "Soup to Nuts," then billed as 'The Racketeers'


Performed on Broadway in "A Night in Venice"


Appeared with Healy, Shemp and eventually Larry Fine in act that would evolve into The Three Stooges


Performed in vaudeville with Shemp; alternated appearing in blackface comedy acton the RKO circuit and appearing without makeup on the Loew's circuit


Worked summers as part of the acting compacny on the showboat Sunflower


Formed singing act with brother Shemp


Performed with Healy in Annette Kellerman's aquatic act


Made feature debut in "We Must Do Our Best"; credited as Harry Moses Horwitz


Began film career at Vitagraph Studios appearing in bit parts; met Ted Healy

Worked in real estate when Hollywood career slowed down

Acted in a dozen two-reel shorts featuring baseball player Hans Wagner