Mona Barrie

Born: 12/18/1909 in London, England, GB


Actor (25)

Something to Sing About 1936 (Movie)

Stephanie 'Steffie' Hajos (Actor)

King of Burlesque 1934 (Movie)

Rosalind Cleve (Actor)

Cass Timberlane (Movie)

Avis Elderman (Actor)

Charlie Chan in London (Movie)

Lady Mary Bristol (Actor)

Dawn on the Great Divide (Movie)

Sadie Rand (Actor)

Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring (Movie)

Miss Tracy (Actor)

Here Comes Trouble (Movie)

Evelyn Howard (Actor)

I Cover Big Town (Movie)

Dora Hilton (Actor)

I Met Him in Paris (Movie)

Helen Anders (Actor)

I Take This Woman (Movie)

Sandra Mayberry (Actor)

Love on the Run (Movie)

Baronness (Actor)

Love, Honor and Oh Baby! (Movie)

Deedee Dore (Actor)

Mountain Justice (Movie)

Evelyn Wayne (Actor)

My Dog Rusty (Movie)

Dr. Toni Cordell (Actor)

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (Movie)

The Producer's Wife (Actor)

One Dangerous Night (Movie)

Jane Merrick (Actor)

One Night of Love (Movie)

Lally (Actor)

Skylark (Movie)

Charlotte Gorell (Actor)

Storm over the Andes (Movie)

Theresa (Actor)

Strange Fascination (Movie)

Diana (Actor)

Syncopation (Movie)

Lillian (Actor)

The Devil's Mask (Movie)


The Lady with Red Hair (Movie)

Mrs. Brooks (Actor)

The Melody Lingers on (Movie)

Sylvia Turina (Actor)

Today I Hang (Movie)

Martha Courtney (Actor)



Film acting debut