Monaghan opens up about shattered foot

The Lord of the Rings star used a cane to hobble onto comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night TV show on Tuesday (27Apr10), with his left foot in a cast.

He told the host, “I always wanted to carry a cane. I feel like a P.I.M.P.”

When Kimmel asked what had happened to him, the Brit revealed, “I broke my foot. I broke it in a very cool way… surfing. I broke it with one of the greatest surfers of his generation, a guy called Kalani Robb.

“I did a very late drop-in and I was looking for my section when I did a floater and my section was a little far away from me, so I was trying to cut in to the wave… I wiped out, and I was so annoyed… that I dug my left foot in to make a right… and I heard an explosion in my brain.

“I broke my metatarsal, which is easily the coolest bone in the world to break – it was the bone that Cartilage magazine has voted the in-vogue bone to break for the past three years. Before that it was the rib.”

The English soccer fan is thrilled to share the injury with some of his heroes: “You’re in a great gang with people like Stephen Gerrard, who plays for England…, Michael Owen, who plays for England…, Wayne Rooney, who plays for England, and a certain handsome character called David Beckham.”

Monaghan then showed off an X-ray of his shattered metatarsal on his camera.