Monica Scattini

Born: 02/01/1956 in Rome, Lazio, IT


Actor (29)

CloClo 2012 (Movie)


Feisbum 2009 (Movie)

("Default") (Actor)

Nine 2009 (Movie)

Pensione Matron (Actor)

One Life Maybe Two 2009 (Movie)


Chocolate Lessons 2007 (Movie)

Letizia (Actor)

Crazy Mate 2003 (Movie)

Marianna (Actor)

Nora 2001 (Movie)

Amalia Globocnik (Actor)

How to Make A Martini 2000 (Movie)


Film 1999 (Movie)

Monica (Actor)

Vacanze di Natale 2000 1999 (Movie)


Friends and Enemies 1997 (Movie)

Nicoletta (Actor)

Bits and Pieces 1996 (Movie)


Bruno Aspetta in Macchina 1995 (Movie)


Men, Men, Men 1995 (Movie)

Simonetta (Actor)

Maniaci Sentimentali 1994 (Movie)

Sandra (Actor)

Selvaggi 1994 (Movie)

Carlina (Actor)

Love Burns 1993 (Movie)


Un'altra vita 1992 (Movie)

Luisanna (Actor)

Tolgo Il Disturbo 1990 (Movie)


Love Dream 1988 (Movie)

Nicoletta (Actor)

La Famiglia 1987 (Movie)

Aunt Ornella (Actor)

Le Bal 1984 (Movie)

Shortsighted Girl (Actor)

A Boy and a Girl 1983 (Movie)

Carmen (Actor)

Lontano da Dove 1982 (Movie)

Daniela (Actor)

Malamore 1981 (Movie)


The Wobblies 1978 (Movie)


Fatti di Gente Perbene 1974 (Movie)

Francini (Actor)

Excellent Cadavers (TV Show)