May Mag Madness: Your Monthly Magazines Get Covered — GALLERY

Everyone wants to be taken really seriously. Everybody wants to show new depths — and what better way to do that than to snag a magazine cover shoot? If you’re a celebrity, this is the only way. 

This month has flowers on the horizon after April’s showers have passed, and the aformentioned flora has begun popping up (metaphorically, of course) on the covers of fashion magazines all month. Spring is here: all fresh, new, wild, and exciting. Which means, time to get a new perspective on our favorite stars, stories, and styles.

So click on through to see May 2013’s most choice magazine cuts — because Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, Kirsten Dunst (especially her) and more really need the extra attention.

GALLERY: Your Monthly Mags… Covered: May 2013
Credit: Wonderland Magazine

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