Morgan receives speeding fine

The America’s Got Talent star was travelling back from judging a charity talent contest at Roedean school in Brighton, England in a rented Jaguar XKR, when a speed camera snapped him travelling at 51 miles-per-hour (82 kilometres-per-hour) in a 30 miles-per-hour (48 kilometres-per-hour) zone.

Morgan did not appear at Brighton Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (27Apr10), but he pleaded guilty to the offence by post.

The former tabloid journalist was ordered to pay the fine, as well as $87 (£58) in costs, and six points were added to his U.K. driving licence.

A police spokesperson says, “The offence was detected by a fixed speed camera, and the vehicle he was driving was doing 51mph in a 30mph zone, above our threshold for issuing a fixed penalty notice.”

Following the conviction, Morgan made light of the fine, saying in a statement, “I was judging a charity show called Roedean’s Got Talent. Unfortunately my driving skills afterwards wouldn’t have got me past the first round, and I thoroughly deserve a red buzzer from the courts.”