Morgan Wallace

Born: 07/26/1881


Actor (11)

The Falcon's Alibi 1946 (Movie)

Bender (Actor)

Dick Tracy 1945 (Movie)

Steve Owens (Actor)

Charlie Chan at the Olympics 1936 (Movie)

Honorable Charles Zaraka (Actor)

Fury 1935 (Movie)

Fred Garrett (Actor)

$1,000 a Minute 1934 (Movie)

Big Jim Bradley (Actor)

The Devil Is a Woman 1934 (Movie)

Dr Mendez (Actor)

It's a Gift 1933 (Movie)


Blonde Venus 1932 (Movie)

Dr Pierce (Actor)

Grand Hotel 1932 (Movie)


Song of Songs 1932 (Movie)


Lady and Gent 1931 (Movie)

Cash Enright (Actor)