Mortensen shocks Oscar losers with dance idea

The Lord of The Rings star was so happy to be in contention for a Best Actor Oscar for his role in Eastern Promises he didn’t care if he won – and still danced when Daniel Day-Lewis was victorious.

But he left other losers aghast when he suggested they join him.

He tells Men’s Journal magazine, “Most people don’t win… On the way out of the big auditorium… I went over to these people and said, ‘Hey, let’s do a losers dance!’

“I started jumping and they were just horrified at this loss they just suffered… There were filmmakers from Canada who lost and actually agreed (to do it). And I think Michael Moore did the losers dance. But I would say that 99 per cent of the losers didn’t want to do the losers dance.

“They all just sort of ran from me like I was (a) s**tfaced drunk or something.”