Mr. Bieber Goes to Washington…Kind Of

ALTWell here’s one way to make your point! A democratic congressman from the state of Illinois was fired up about the Supreme Court’s ruling to back part of Arizona’s controversial “Show Me Your Papers” law, and he wanted to make his point visual.

Enter: Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Tony Parker, Jeremy Lin, and more. Representative Juis V. Gutierrez decided to play a game with the members in session this morning he dubbed “Pick Out the Immigrant” as a way to showcase to his peers (and the public) that trying to determine someone’s citizenship status in our country (which is such a melting pot) based on appearance or their name is unfair and considered racial profiling.

In the video (seen below), Gutierrez questions Arizona politicians claims that “[they] will tell you with a straight face, no less, that they can apply this law without using racial profiling.” The video goes on to show people from various backgrounds and countries of origin that might have trouble with the law given simple things such as their name, skin tone, or other attributes.

It is certainly an interesting way to make an argument, and I’m sure Bieber never thought the day would come where his name (and Canadian-ness) would be brought up as an argument against a law. huh?


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