Mueller’s mum sick of awful stories

Reports suggesting Brooke Mueller has relapsed into a crack and alcohol problem have been rampant ever since the real estate agent checked into hospital last month (Jan10), and then spent time at the Two Dreams facility in North Carolina.

Gossips also felt sure the bout of bad health was triggered by the stress of her Christmas Day (25Dec09) fight with Sheen, which landed the actor behind bars – and led to him being ordered to stay away from his wife.

The couple briefly reconciled while she was in hospital in Los Angeles, but they’re still estranged pending a court hearing.

Mueller tells In Touch magazine, “There are so many lies out there,” and her mother is keen to set the record straight.

She tells the publication that the 32 year old was taken to the hospital on 20 January (10) with a dangerous fever resulting from having her wisdom teeth removed. It had nothing to do with drink or drugs.

Moira Fiore says, “The infections and pneumonia are what caused the shutting down of her organs. Brooke was very sick.”

And Fiore wants the gossip swirling around her daughter to stop: “This is ridiculous… There were tubes down her throat. How in the world would anyone in this position do drugs?”

The angry mum is also targeting tabloid reports suggesting Mueller attended rehab for drinking while pregnant with her 11-month-old sons, Bob and Max: “It’s so horrible to say (that). She would never put her boys at risk.”

Mueller reportedly checked out of the Two Dreams on Thursday (04Feb10) after a week of treatment to reduce her stress levels.