Murray Alper

Born: 01/11/1904


Actor (32)

The Outlaws Is Coming! 1965 (Movie)

Chief Crazy Horse (Actor)

The Disorderly Orderly 1963 (Movie)


The Nutty Professor 1962 (Movie)

Judo Instructor (Actor)

Walk on the Wild Side 1962 (Movie)

Simon (Actor)

Ocean's Eleven 1960 (Movie)

Deputy (Actor)

The Leech Woman 1959 (Movie)


Say One For Me 1958 (Movie)

Otto (Actor)

Baby Face Nelson 1957 (Movie)

Bank Guard (Actor)

Calypso Joe 1957 (Movie)


Jail Busters 1955 (Movie)

Gus (Actor)

Las Vegas Shakedown 1955 (Movie)

House Manager (Actor)

Women's Prison 1955 (Movie)

Mug (Actor)

Security Risk 1954 (Movie)

Mike (Actor)

Tanganyika 1954 (Movie)

Paul Duffy (Actor)

Jalopy 1953 (Movie)

Red Baker (Actor)

Trouble Along the Way 1953 (Movie)

Bus Driver (Actor)

Appointment With Danger 1951 (Movie)

Driver (Actor)

Strangers On a Train 1951 (Movie)

Boatman (Actor)

Blonde Dynamite 1950 (Movie)


The Phantom Thief 1946 (Movie)


God Is My Co-Pilot 1945 (Movie)

Sgt. Altonen (Actor)

They Were Expendable 1945 (Movie)


Roger Touhy, Gangster 1944 (Movie)


No Time For Love 1942 (Movie)


Saboteur 1941 (Movie)


The Big Shot 1941 (Movie)


The Maltese Falcon 1941 (Movie)

Frank Richman (Actor)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 1940 (Movie)


Black Friday 1939 (Movie)


King of the Underworld 1938 (Movie)


Winterset 1935 (Movie)

Louie (Actor)