Mystery Buyer Wants Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Off the Market

Kim Kardashian has been getting a lot more press than usual these days, and it’s not just because of her recent nuptials to Kris Humphries. We’ve all heard about or seen the sex tape of Kim and Ray J (you know who you are), which quickly escalated in popularity over the weekend of the big wedding. But if you were hoping to get a copy as a stocking stuffer this Christmas, you may be very disappointed since a “mystery buyer” is looking to buy the rights to the tape from Vivid Entertainment, claiming they’re willing to pay big bucks to “completely remove it from the market.”

I put “mystery buyer” in quotes because we all know it’s Kim who wants her little escapade completely removed from the public’s grasp, but for fun I’ll pretend like I have no idea who it is. Anyways, reports are saying that the “mystery buyer” has hired a lawyer who sent a letter to Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch yesterday, saying, “I was approached by a private party who has asked us about looking into the possibility of acquiring all rights of the Vivid, ‘Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.'” The lawyer adds, “The party we represent does not intend to distribute or broadcast the ‘tape,’ but hopes to completely remove it from the market.” The buyer also wants to purchase all of the unused footage with all the outtakes that never made it to DVD (so much for a special edition copy being released). The lawyer never specifies who the client is, but hints at it writing, “We would purchase any other footage you may have control of that involves Ms. Kardashian.”

So far no one is fessing up that Kim is the buyer, but come on — the only one who cares this much about protecting Kim’s image, is Kim! Although it’s nice of her to want to start her marriage off with a clean, porn-less state, I can hear guys everywhere crying and worriedly running to the nearest adult video store to pick up a copy before it goes into the Kardashian vault (very different from the Disney vault), never to be seen again. Until the next one comes out that is. Good luck in your pursuit Kim — I mean “mystery buyer,” but in the meantime I have to go totally rethink my Christmas gift wish list, so excuse me.

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Source: TMZ