Nana Bryant

Born: 11/23/1888 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


Actor (65)

Our Miss Brooks 1952 - 1956 (TV Show)


The Private War of Major Benson 1955 (Movie)

Mother Redempta (Actor)

About Mrs. Leslie 1954 (Movie)

Mrs McKay (Actor)

Bright Victory 1950 (Movie)

Mrs Nevins (Actor)

Harvey 1950 (Movie)


Ladies of the Chorus 1949 (Movie)

Mrs. Adele Carroll (Actor)

Possessed 1947 (Movie)

Pauline Graham (Actor)

Dangerous Years 1946 (Movie)


The Virginian 1946 (Movie)


Brewster's Millions 1945 (Movie)

Mrs Gray (Actor)

Jungle Woman 1944 (Movie)


The Adventures of Mark Twain 1944 (Movie)


Hangmen Also Die 1942 (Movie)

Madame Novotny (Actor)

The Song of Bernadette 1942 (Movie)


Youth on Parade 1941 (Movie)


Thieves Fall Out 1940 (Movie)


Brother Rat and a Baby 1939 (Movie)


If I Had My Way 1939 (Movie)


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 1938 (Movie)


Give Me a Sailor 1937 (Movie)


Mad About Music 1937 (Movie)


Theodora Goes Wild 1935 (Movie)

Ethel Stevenson (Actor)

Always in Trouble (Movie)

Mrs. Darlington (Actor)

Atlantic Adventure (Movie)

Mrs. Van Dieman (Actor)

Bathing Beauty (Movie)


Best Foot Forward (Movie)

Mrs. Dalyrimple (Actor)

Big Town (Movie)

Mrs. Crane (Actor)

Black Market Babies (Movie)

Mrs. Andrews (Actor)

Counsel for Crime (Movie)

Mrs. Maddox (Actor)

Espionage Agent (Movie)

Mrs. Corvall (Actor)

Eyes of Texas (Movie)

Hattie Waters (Actor)

Follow the Sun (Movie)

Sister Beatrice (Actor)

Geraldine (Movie)

Dean Blake (Actor)

Her Husband's Affairs (Movie)

Mrs. Winterbottom (Actor)

I Was a Shoplifter (Movie)

Aunt Clara (Actor)

Key to the City (Movie)

Mrs. Cabot (Actor)

Let's Get Married (Movie)

Mrs. Willoughby (Actor)

Madame Spy (Movie)

Alicia Rolf (Actor)

Man-Proof (Movie)

Meg Swift (Actor)

Marriage Is a Private Affair (Movie)

Nurse (Actor)

Modern Marriage (Movie)

Mrs. Brown (Actor)

Nice Girl? (Movie)

Mary Peasley (Actor)

One Foot in Heaven (Movie)

Mrs. Morris (Actor)

Only the Valiant (Movie)

Mrs. Drumm (Actor)

Out West with the Hardys (Movie)

Dora Northcote (Actor)

Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus (Movie)

Mrs. Peck (Actor)

Pennies from Heaven (Movie)

Crowlar (Actor)

Sinners in Paradise (Movie)

Mrs. Franklin Sydney (Actor)

State Department File 649 (Movie)

Peggy Brown (Actor)

Street of Missing Men (Movie)

Mrs. Putnam (Actor)

The Corsican Brothers (Movie)

Mme. Dupre (Actor)

The Devil Is Driving (Movie)

Mrs. Sanders (Actor)

The First Hundred Years (TV Show)


The King Steps Out (Movie)

Louise (Actor)

The Lady Gambles (Movie)

Mrs. Sutherland (Actor)

The League of Frightened Men (Movie)

Agnes Burton (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Returns (Movie)

Aunt Julie (Actor)

The Outcast (Movie)

Mrs. Banner (Actor)

The Perfect Marriage (Movie)

Corinne Williams (Actor)

The Reluctant Dragon (Movie)

Mrs. Benchley (Actor)

The Return of October (Movie)

Therese (Actor)

The Runaround (Movie)

Mrs. Hampton (Actor)

The Unsuspected (Movie)

Mrs. White (Actor)

Thunder Birds (Movie)

Mrs. Black (Actor)

Weekend at the Waldorf (Movie)

Mrs. H. Davenport Drew (Actor)