Nandana Sen

Born: 08/19/1967


Actor (14)

The Forest 2012 (Movie)

Radha (Actor)

Chaloo Movie 2011 (Movie)


Prince 2010 (Movie)

Maya (Actor)

Season Greetings 2010 (Movie)


It's a Mismatch 2009 (Movie)

Neha (Actor)

Colors of Passion 2008 (Movie)


The World Unseen 2008 (Movie)

Rehmat (Actor)

Marigold 2007 (Movie)

Janvi (Actor)

Strangers 2007 (Movie)


Black 2005 (Movie)

Sara McNally (Actor)

Tango Charlie 2005 (Movie)


The War Within 2005 (Movie)

Duri (Actor)

Seducing Maarya 1998 (Movie)

Maarya (Actor)

The Doll 1996 (Movie)

Rosemary (Actor)


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