Nandita Das

Born: 11/06/1969


Actor (15)

That 47 Days 2014 (Movie)


Ramchand Pakistani 2010 (Movie)

Champa (Actor)

Before the Rains 2008 (Movie)

Sajani (Actor)

Four Women 2007 (Movie)

The Spinster (Actor)

Provoked: A True Story 2007 (Movie)

Radha Dalal (Actor)

A Grave-Keeper's Tale 2005 (Movie)


Sandstorm 2003 (Movie)

Sanwari (Actor)

A Peck On The Cheek 2002 (Movie)


Aks 2001 (Movie)

Supriya Verma (Actor)

Earth 1999 (Movie)

Shanta--Lenny's Ayah (Actor)

Biswaprakash 1998 (Movie)

Biswa (Actor)

Deveeri 1998 (Movie)


The Day of Birth 1998 (Movie)


Fire 1997 (Movie)

Sita (Actor)

Lawaaris 1981 (Movie)

Mrs. Kailash Nath (Actor)
Director (1)

Firaaq 2008 (Movie)



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