Nanny Exposes Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman Family Secrets

Celebrity Nanny Suzanne Hansen has slammed Nicole Kidman‘s mothering skills in her controversial new book.

Hansen claims she never saw the Moulin Rouge actress around her adopted kids when she worked in Hollywood for celebrity couples.

In tell-all book You’ll Never Nanny in This Town Again, Hansen alleges Kidman played only a small part in raising her children Conor and Isabella.

Hansen tells, “I never saw her (with her children).”

Hansen also alleges Cruise drew up strict confidentiality guidelines for the child minders he hired, so they would never be able to contradict claims he made about his own fathering skills.

She adds, “Tom would make his nannies sign confidentiality agreements that were so strict, they couldn’t even say for whom they were working.

“So basically, if (Cruise) went on camera and said how he didn’t have any help raising his children, they couldn’t say anything.”

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