Nathalie Baye

Actor, Dancer, Au pair
A former dancer who began her film career as the woman Peter Fonda has a brief affair with in "Two People" (1983), Nathalie Baye enjoyed her first brush with fame as Francois Truffaut's script girl assistant in the ... Read more »
Born: 07/06/1948 in France


Actor (75)

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And the Band Played On (TV Show)



A former dancer who began her film career as the woman Peter Fonda has a brief affair with in "Two People" (1983), Nathalie Baye enjoyed her first brush with fame as Francois Truffaut's script girl assistant in the award-winning "Day for Night" (1973), uttering perhaps one of that film's more memorable lines: "I might leave a man for a movie, but I would never leave a movie for a man!" By the end of the decade, after two more Truffaut films and finely controlled performances in Bertrand Tavernier's "A Week's Vacation" (1980) and Claude Goretta's "A Girl from Lorraine" (1980), Baye had emerged as one of France's leading actresses, capable of a wide range of roles and demonstrating a constant maturity, not unlike American actresses like Barbara Stanwyck and Bette Davis. Among her internationally known films are Bob Swaim's slick thriller "La Balance," for which she won a Best Actress Cesar as a prostitute involved with a petty thief, and as the wife of a soldier (Gerard Depardieu) who comes home from war after many years in the medieval drama "The Return of Martin Guerre" (both 1982).


Claude Baye


Johnny Halliday

met in 1982 separated in 1986

Laura Halliday

born on November 15, 1983

Philippe Leotard Actor

appeared together in "La Balance" (1982) had ten-year relationship no longer together died on August 25, 2001


attended ballet school in Monte Carlo run by "a strong, mean Russian teacher" from approximately 1963 to 1968

dropped out of school at age 14 because of her dyslexia

Conservatoire National de Musique et d'Art

Paris 1969 - 1972
graduated with second prize honors



Cast as Patsy in "Absolument Fabuleux", a French film version of the popular British comedy "Absolutely Fabulous"


Portrayed a factory boss' wife blackmailed by the son of a fired employee of her husband's in "Selon Matthieu/According to Matthieu"


Starred as a woman who initiates a sexual relationship with a stranger via a personal ad in "Une Liaison pornographic/An Affair of Love"


Reteamed with Marshall to play an aging beautician afraid to experience love in "Venus Beaute Institut/Venus Beauty Institute"; was nominated for a Cesar; released in USA in 2000


Co-starred in "Enfants de salaud/Bastard Blood", directed by Tonie Marshall


Had key role in "And the Band Played On" (HBO)


Portrayed a divorced actress who runs off to the seaside with her two children in "Every Other Weekend/Un Week-end sur deux"; role written specifically for her by director Nicole Garcia; received a Cesar nomination


Acted in Diane Kurys' "C'est la vie"


Second film with Godard, "Detective"


Reteamed with Blier for "Notre histoires/Our Story"


Starred in "La Balance", directed by Bob Swaim; won Best Actress Cesar


Cast as Bertrande in "Le Retour de Martin Guerre/The Return of Martin Guerre"


Earned second Cesar for featured role in "Strange Affair/Un entrange affair"


First film with Bertrand Blier, "Beau Pere"


Solidified reputation as a teacher experiencing a nervous breakdown in "A Week's Vacation/Une Semaine de vacances", helmed by Bernard Tavernier


Co-starred in Jean-luc Godard's "Every Man for Himself/Sauve qui peut ... la vie"; won Cesar


Third and final film with Truffaut, "The Green Room/La Chambre vert"


Second film with Truffaut, "The Man Who Loved Women/L'Homme Homme qui aimait les femmes"


Cast as the script girl in Francios Truffaut's "La nuit Americaine/Day for Night"


Had a one-scene role in "Two People", directed by Robert Wise


Film debut alongside Isabelle Adjani in "Faustine"


Stage acting debut in "Galapages" with Gerard Depardieu and Bernard Blier


Spent brief time in NYC working as an au pair and studying dance (date approximate)

Posed for Playboy

At around age 14, dropped out of school and enrolled in ballet classes in Monte Carlo

Raised in France

Bonus Trivia


Her last name is pronounced "Bye".


She served on the jury at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival.