National Geographic Celebrates 125th Anniversary With New Tumblr of Baller Pics

National Geographic - 125th Anniversary

It’s amazing to think that  anything has been around for 125 years — magazines, cultural institutions, sequoia trees. But National Geographic (a bit of each, don’t you think?) has been alive and kicking for the past century and a quarter, and is celebrating this impressive milestone with a look back at some of its greatest contributions to readers worldwide: those unbelievable images.

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There’s no such thing as an archetypical National Geographic picture — for years, the publication has shared fascinating pictures of exotic peoples, breathtaking landscapes, mysterious wildlife… there are few realms into which National Geographic has yet to sink its razor sharp teeth.

In honor of the magazine’s birthday, National Geographic has launched its first Tumblr: FOUND, a gallery of some of the most intriguing pictures that have accompanied the periodical to the shelves. The heap of images includes a photograph of the Taj Mahal circa 1923, a group of Fiji tribesmen engaging in a spear-wielding dance, a community auction on a Highland Cow in a Scotland neighborhood, and (the kicker) Alexander Graham Bell kissing his wife Mabel from inside a tetrahedral kite.

Peruse the Tumblr for even more shots of amazing times, worlds, and people.

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[Photo Credit: National Geographic]

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