Nava Levin


Producer (7)

Bunraku 2011 (Movie)


Holly 2007 (Movie)


Love Don't Cost a Thing 2003 (Movie)


Harriet the Spy 1996 (Movie)


Words Up! 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)


Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 (Movie)


Death Before Dishonor 1987 (Movie)

(Associate Producer)
Production Management (7)

Elvis Has Left the Building 2005 (Movie)

(Production Manager)

Love Don't Cost a Thing 2003 (Movie)

(Unit Production Manager)

To End All Wars 2002 (Movie)

(Line Producer)

The Affair of the Necklace 2001 (Movie)

Line Producer Additional Shoot (Line Producer)

Getting Away With Murder 1996 (Movie)

(Production Supervisor)

Mariette in Ecstasy 1996 (Movie)

(Line Producer)

Operation Dumbo Drop 1995 (Movie)

(Los Angeles/Florida crew) (Production Supervisor)
Other (1)

Rambo III 1988 (Movie)

(to Buzz Feitshans) (Assistant)