NBC Releases Amy Poehler Promos for ‘SNL’

Guys, it’s almost here. There are only 3 days left on my countdown to the SNL season premiere with “Amy Whatshername” and “Katy Hoo-hah.” (Yes, I have been making little Xs in my day planner to mark the momentous occasion.) To keep us all from going rabid with anticipation, NBC has graciously posted a video of host Amy Poehler’s promos for the highly anticipated season premiere.

Between the constant references to Wayne’s World, a lesson in baby-making, and a bit of role-playing (not that kind, don’t get so excited), it seems like they’re just letting the Parks and Recreation star do her thing. While I’m trying to keep my expectations in check after last year’s dismal season, it would be in SNL’s best interests to let Ms. Poehler take the reins and do what she does best this Saturday. (If not, let’s hope we can at least depend on musical guest Katy Perry to give us a laugh by resurrecting those Cool Whip cannons from the “California Gurls” video.)

Source: NBC