Neil Patrick Harris Brings a Whole New World of Fun to Disney Cruise

NPH Neil Patrick Harris hosts everything.

Last night, the venerable NPH proved—as he does every Monday night on CBS—that he is the best part of everything that he’s involved in. On the inaugural sailing of the Disney Fantasy New York City cruise last night, Harris made a surprise appearance, playing host of the show for pleasantly surprised passengers (including Mayor Bloomberg, Tim Gunn, Alan Cumming and Ty Pennington).
The omni-skilled Harris opened the show with a hilarious musical number, parodying several classic Disney songs, delivering zings at the corporation, his cruise ship costars Jerry Seinfeld and Mariah Carey (who delivered performances after Harris’), and himself. Fans of Harris and Disney alike would be wise to check out the below video: it is an example of the man’s endless talent, and the unavoidable cheeriness of Disney’s musical résumé.
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Source: The Daily Traveler