Nella Walker

Actor, Vaudevillian, Salesgirl
Born: 03/06/1886 in Chicago, Illinois, USA


Actor (56)

Sabrina 1954 (Movie)

Maude Larrabee (Actor)

That Hagen Girl 1947 (Movie)


A Guy, a Gal and a Pal 1945 (Movie)


Ladies of Washington 1944 (Movie)


Buck Privates 1941 (Movie)

Mrs. Parker II (Actor)

Back Street 1940 (Movie)


When Tomorrow Comes 1938 (Movie)


The Rage of Paris 1937 (Movie)

Mrs. Duncan (Actor)

Stella Dallas 1936 (Movie)

Mrs Grovesnor (Actor)

Three Smart Girls 1936 (Movie)


20,000 Years in Sing-Sing (Movie)

Mrs. Long (Actor)

A Girl, a Guy and A Gob (Movie)

Mrs. Grange (Actor)

Air Raid Wardens (Movie)

Millicent Norton (Actor)

Big Hearted Herbert (Movie)

Mrs. Goodrich (Actor)

Captain January (Movie)

Mrs. John Mason (Actor)

Dangerously Yours (Movie)

Lady Gregory (Actor)

Dante's Inferno (Movie)

Mrs. Hamilton (Actor)

Daughter of the Dragon (Movie)

Lady Petrie (Actor)

Espionage Agent (Movie)

Mrs. Peyton (Actor)

Ever in My Heart (Movie)

Martha Sewell (Actor)

Fashions of 1934 (Movie)

Mrs. Van Tyle (Actor)

Four Frightened People (Movie)

Mrs. Ainger (Actor)

Frisco Jenny (Movie)

Mrs. Reynolds (Actor)

Going Highbrow (Movie)

Mrs. March (Actor)

Hard to Get (Movie)

Mrs. Atwater (Actor)

Hers to Hold (Movie)

Dorothy Craig (Actor)

I Live My Life (Movie)

Ruth's Mother (Actor)

I Love You Again (Movie)

Kay's Mother (Actor)

In Name Only (Movie)

Mrs. Grace Walker (Actor)

In Society (Movie)

Mrs. Van Cleve (Actor)

Kathleen (Movie)

Mrs. Farrell (Actor)

Kid Glove Killer (Movie)

Mrs. Daniels (Actor)

Kitty Foyle (Movie)

Aunt Jessica (Actor)

Made for Each Other (Movie)


Nancy Goes to Rio (Movie)

Mrs. Harrison (Actor)

No Time for Comedy (Movie)

Theatregoer (Actor)

Second Hand Wife (Movie)

Mrs. Cavendish (Actor)

Sensation Hunters (Movie)


Seven Keys to Baldpate (Movie)

Mrs. Rhodes (Actor)

Tanned Legs (Movie)

Mrs. Reynolds (Actor)

The Bargain (Movie)


The Beginning or the End (Movie)

Grace Tully (Actor)

The House on 56th Street (Movie)

Mrs. Van Tyle (Actor)

The Public Defender (Movie)

Aunt Matilda (Actor)

The Saint Strikes Back (Movie)

Mrs. Lucy Fernack (Actor)

The Saint Takes Over (Movie)

Lucy Fernack (Actor)

The Vagabond Lover (Movie)

Mrs. Todd Hunter (Actor)

This Day and Age (Movie)

Little Fellow's Mother (Actor)

This Time for Keeps (Movie)

Mrs. Allenbury (Actor)

Three Smart Girls Grow Up (Movie)

Mrs. Dorothy Craig (Actor)

Two Sisters from Boston (Movie)

Mrs. Lawrence Tyburt Patterson Sr (Actor)

Undercover Maisie (Movie)

Mrs. Andrew Lorrison (Actor)

We Were Dancing (Movie)

Mrs. Bentley (Actor)

What a Widow! (Movie)

Marquise (Actor)

Wintertime (Movie)

Mrs. Prentice (Actor)

Young Dr. Kildare (Movie)

Mrs. Chanler (Actor)


Wilbur Mack