New Beyonce Music! Listen to The-Dream’s ‘Turnt’ Featuring Bey and 2 Chainz

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This week in Reasons to Talk About Beyoncé, we have a snippet of a new collaboration with The-Dream and the ubiquitous 2 Chainz called “Turnt.” Though her forthcoming album has no official release date yet, she’s been teasing fans with bits and pieces like the crazy-weird-(awesome?) “Bow Down,” “Standing on the Sun,” and “Grown Woman.” While it’s not clear whether this new song will appear on her album, it is one of two tracks on The-Dream’s record, IV Play, featuring vocals from the great B.

Unsurprisingly, given her collaborators, “Turnt” features more of the laid-back street Beyoncé than the dance-friendly “Single Ladies” Beyoncé. It’s all slow groove, driving beat, and forbidden love: “People say I’m crazy but I love you ’cause you crazy too.” There’s also a Destiny’s Child reference, making us wonder about any future reunion plans: “Where Michelle at? Where Kelly?” But Beyoncé has a long to-do list already, what with touring this summer and answering constant questions about the state of her uterus as it relates to her belt choices. For now, we’re happy with this perfect-for-a-summer-afternoon jam.

Listen here: correspondent Jennifer Keishin Armstrong is the author of Sexy Feminism and Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted, a history of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Visit her online at

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