Niall MacGinnis


Actor (31)

The Kremlin Letter 1970 (Movie)

Erector Set (Actor)

Krakatoa, East of Java 1969 (Movie)

Henley (Actor)

Sinful Davey 1969 (Movie)

Boots Simpson (Actor)

The Shoes of the Fisherman 1968 (Movie)

Capuchin Monk (Actor)

A Man Could Get Killed 1965 (Movie)

Captain of (Actor)

Island of Terror 1965 (Movie)

Mr Campbell (Actor)

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold 1965 (Movie)

German Checkpoint Guard (Actor)

Becket 1964 (Movie)

Henry II's Baron (Actor)

The Truth About Spring 1964 (Movie)


The War Lord 1964 (Movie)

Odins (Actor)

Jason and the Argonauts 1963 (Movie)

Zeus (Actor)

Billy Budd 1962 (Movie)

Captain Graveling (Actor)

The Webster Boy 1962 (Movie)

Headmaster (Actor)

A Terrible Beauty 1960 (Movie)

Ned McGinniss (Actor)

Kidnapped 1960 (Movie)

Shuan (Actor)

Never Take Sweets From a Stranger 1960 (Movie)

Defense Counsel (Actor)

Sword of Sherwood Forest 1959 (Movie)

Friar Tuck (Actor)

Tarzan's Greatest Adventure 1959 (Movie)

Kruger (Actor)

Behind the Mask 1958 (Movie)

Neil Isherwood (Actor)

Curse of the Demon 1958 (Movie)

Doctor Karswell (Actor)

The Nun's Story 1958 (Movie)

Father Vermeuhlen (Actor)

Alexander the Great 1956 (Movie)

Parmenio (Actor)

Helen of Troy 1956 (Movie)

Menelaus (Actor)

Lust For Life 1956 (Movie)

Roulin (Actor)

The Shiralee 1956 (Movie)

Beauty Kelly (Actor)

Special Delivery 1955 (Movie)

Sidney (Actor)

Betrayed 1954 (Movie)


Hell Below Zero 1954 (Movie)

Dr Howe (Actor)

Knights of the Round Table 1953 (Movie)

Green Knight (Actor)

Hamlet 1948 (Movie)

Captain (Actor)

Henry V 1943 (Movie)

MacMorris (Actor)