Nick Dennis

Born: 04/25/1904


Actor (17)

The Good Guys and the Bad Guys 1969 (Movie)

Engineer (Actor)

The Legend of Lylah Clare 1968 (Movie)

Nick (Actor)

Ben Casey 1961 - 1966 (TV Show)


Gunpoint 1965 (Movie)


Birdman of Alcatraz 1962 (Movie)

Crazed Prisoner (Actor)

Four For Texas 1962 (Movie)

Angel (Actor)

Too Late Blues 1961 (Movie)

Nick (Actor)

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 1957 (Movie)

Midget (Actor)

Hot Blood 1956 (Movie)

Korka (Actor)

East of Eden 1955 (Movie)

Rantani (Actor)

Kiss Me Deadly 1955 (Movie)

Nick (Actor)

The Big Knife 1955 (Movie)

Mickey Feeney (Actor)

Man in the Dark 1953 (Movie)

Cookie (Actor)

The Glory Brigade 1953 (Movie)

Corporal Marakis (Actor)

Anything Can Happen 1951 (Movie)


Sirocco 1951 (Movie)


A Streetcar Named Desire 1950 (Movie)

Pablo (Actor)