Nick Offerman Will Get Naked For Money… For Charity


Sometimes, you donate money to charity or donate blood and all you get is a lousy T-shirt and some cookies. Sure, you should be doing those things because you’re a kind, caring human who has an interest in the welfare of others and wants the world to be a better place — but hey, a nice perk for all your help couldn’t hurt, right? Right. Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson to Parks and Recreation fans and “hubby” to Meghan Mullally) knows you need a little inspiration to get you motivated sometimes, and he’s willing to do his part. Naked. 

That’s right. If you donate money to Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars, which earns money for Autism charities, Offerman will show us his nips. And other things, apparently. What I’m trying to say is he’s going to strip. I’m really terrible at sexy talk. 
Before you get all righteous about how we shouldn’t objectify mustachioed men (man, do we do that NEVER) for a few bucks or how it’s immoral to sell one’s nakedness for gain, remember this: It’s for charity. The tawdriness of the stripping is cancelled out by the fact that the money goes to kids with Austism. Offerman is in the clear. And he’ll be in the nude, if people answer his plea.
Check out this teaser-y video, in which Offerman reveals such sexy body parts as his shoulder and his knee. Oh, mercy me!

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[Photo Credit: Lloyd Bishop/Getty]
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