Nick Stahl Enters Rehab — UPDATE

ALTUPDATE: Nick Stahl’s wife, Rose, confirmed to People that the actor has decided to enter treatment. “I’m elated,” she told the magazine. 

EARLIER: He’ll be back. Terminator 3 star Nick Stahl has resurfaced after being reported missing Monday. According to People, the actor has reached out to friends and informed them he’s fine, despite an LAPD search for Stahl. Also, the actor told friends he was entering a 30-day rehab program. 

In an email to friends sent Friday, Stahl did not explain why he had gone MIA. The actor also still has not made contact with his wife, Rose Stahl, who logged into the actor’s email to see the note to friends. “I’m relieved,” Rose told People. “But I’m aso skeptical that he’s really in rehab.” Rose had previously told reporters he worried the actor might die following an overdose. 


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