Nicki Minaj Back on Twitter: Other Celebs Who Failed to Quit

nicki minajIt’s official, folks: Nicki Minaj is back on Twitter. After a nine-day hiatus, the 29-year-old star reemerged on the social media site, tweeting out love-filled messages to all her fans. But not everyone was quite so willing to forgive the singer’s abrupt absence. In fact, Minaj’s number of followers have dropped from 11 million to 9.2 million. And while that number is certainly nothing to scoff at (especially in comparison to my number of followers) it still shows quite a dip in her popularity.

We predicted that something like this might end up happening, but the more I think about it, the less angry I am about the whole thing. It’s completely natural for people to not really mean the things that they say. We all claim to hate our annoying brothers and sisters, when deep down we know life just wouldn’t be the same without them (wedgies and all). So given the fact that celebrities are only human (despite popular belief), we really should cut them some slack.

Besides, Minaj isn’t the only one who threatened to pull out of the Twitter game, but couldn’t make it stick. Take for example:

Alec Baldwin decided to deactivate his Twitter account following his much talked about confrontation with American Airlines back in Dec. 2011. But at the beginning of January, the 30 Rock star returned to the world of 140 characters and continues to tweet his words with friends/followers on a regular basis.

Demi Moore went on a 3 month hiatus from the social media realm during her brief stint in rehab, however, the actress is now back and in search of a brand new Twitter name. We just happened to have a few suggestions for her. What a coincidence!

Ashton Kutcher handed over his account to his management team after he condemned the firing of Penn State coach Joe Paterno before knowing the actual reasoning behind the decision. Talk about a Twitter faux pas! But the Two and a Half Men star couldn’t stay away for long and posted a photo of himself in the country that very same month. Even the cow is judging him.

Amanda Bynes threatened to quit both Twitter and acting, but eventually came back around to the social networking site. We’re still waiting on the whole acting thing. But she’s got other things on her mind right now.

Miley Cyrus stopped using Twitter in 2009 because she wanted to live a more private life. An understandable reason for any celeb, but it seems she’s had quite the change of heart since then.

Rapper Kanye West decided to take a break from the social network scene for a while, but made his return this past January — endlessly entertaining rants and all. I guess we’re gonna let himself finish, but…

Pop star Demi Lovato took two Twitter breaks, one in 2010 and one earlier this year. The 19-year-old singer stopped tweeting earlier this year when she reportedly broke up with her boyfriend and needed some time away from the Twitterverse.

We’re still waiting for you, John Mayer!


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