Nicki Minaj Copes with Cousin’s Murder

nicki minajUnfortunately for Nicki Minaj, her July 4th wasn’t particularly exciting, and she didn’t spend it at a party where people were trying to explain to her that ketchup is actually quite tasty on tuna fish salad. In fact, her holiday was pretty terrible. She announced on on Twitter on Monday night that her cousin, Nicholas (a.k.a. Juse) was murdered on Sunday near his home in Brooklyn, New York. The New York Post’s Daily Blotter gave more information on what exactly went down, and wrote “A man was killed in a barrage of bullets in East Flatbush yesterday, police said. Nicholas Telamaque, 27, was shot five blocks from his home on East 52nd Street and Farragut Road at 2:40 AM. Cops were called and found him with gunshot wounds to his upper torso. He was rushed to Kings County Hospital, where he later died. It is unclear what spurned the violence.”

After Nicki revealed the news to her fans and shared with them two pictures she had of her cousin, fans tweeted how they were sorry for her loss, including Perez Hilton and American Idol winner Jordan Sparks, which should certainly help Nicki the courage to continue as the headlining act for Britney Spears on her ‘Till the World Ends’ tour.

Sources: Twitter, NYP