Dear Nicki Minaj: Don’t You Dare Stop Dressing With Flair

Nicki Minaj Fires Stylist

Impossibly voluminousness hair. More neon pink than a Barbie Dream House. Sky high heels. Ever-present pasties. Makeup more flawless than a porcelain doll. These are things we expect from pop star and American Idol judge Nicki Minaj, but these things could soon become nothing more than a memory. Minaj has reportedly let her stylist and hairdresser go according to The Sun, causing us to fear her signature eccentric look will soon be a thing of the past.

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Sure, Minaj has gotten out of control on occasion, wearing ill-fitting outfits and at times eschewing fit or flattery for pomp and insanity, but recently, she’s started to rein it in and find the sweet spot between looking like a doll covered in glue and rolled through a kids’ playroom and looking like a sleek music industry maven. Her recent appearances on Idol have seen her with sleek hair, flawless stage makeup and unique dresses that blend her signature for over-the-top flair with a side of the real world she used to go so long without. 

But, if Minaj does fire her hairdresser and stylist and go for a more serious look, things could get really run of the mill and fast. Sure, Minaj has faced more heated criticism of her eccentricities of late thanks to her vulnerable position as one of the faces of American Idol. Most recently, her commentary garnered heavy booing from the crowd in Las Vegas during Idol’s sudden death eliminations, despite the fact that her commentary often matched up to seasoned Idol judge Randy Jackson. The rapper/singer has faced harsh criticisms since she stepped foot onto the Idol set, and perhaps all the backlash has her thinking. Let’s just hope it has her thinking of a way to take her signature style and refine it.

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It’s one thing to try to get out from under the overwhelming facade of an outrageous wardrobe and attempt to legitmize oneself, it’s another to completely chuck it. Nicki has created a style all her own, and while it’s not who she is in a nutshell, it’s an expression of who she is. Refine it, update it, make it new, but don’t let it go all together. 

You’re weird and wonderful, Miss Minaj. Keep letting that freak flag fly.

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