Nicki Minaj’s Grammy Performance Will Become a Movie

nicki minajNicki Minaj‘s mock exorcism performance at the Grammys last Sunday caused quite the stir among fans, Catholic groups, and fellow celebs alike. After all, it’s not everyday you see a fake Pope dancing on stage. But Minaj doesn’t seem to understand what the big deal is or why it’s become such a controversial issue. The singer immediately came to its defense and revealed to Access Hollywood that her single “Roman Holiday” is actually more than just a song — it’s part of a movie that she’s creating.

Minaj explained, “I made a movie — it’s called, Roman Holiday… and in that movie, this is what happens to that Roman character. So, I had to paint the picture. I can’t do a song like that and stand up there with a microphone and a band behind me – I have to paint the picture and I’m gonna always do that to the fullest.”

Additionally, she went on to defend herself and her over-the-top performance to the New York Daily News, saying, “You know how people write plays and movies? That’s what I did. I wrote that and I gave the world a tiny little preview of what was to come. And so I have to perform it on the set in which it would be in the movie, right?” However, no details were revealed as to when (or if) this movie will be released to the public. Let’s just be grateful there isn’t a full length feature to “Stupid Hoe.”

And while Minaj is no stranger to taking risks in both her wardrobe and creative projects, she’s hurt that others were upset about her latest work and assures us that it “absolutely was not meant to be offensive.” She added, “It was meant to say, love people for who they are and stop ridiculing and chastising and condemning people because they seem different — that’s the goal. I think the people who needed to be touched by it were and the people who were going to have a problem with it anyway, had a problem.”

So where do you stand in regards to the performance: offended or inspired? Would you be tempted to watch the full movie version?

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