Nicolas Cage’s Son Divorcing Pregnant Wife

weston cageThere are three types of celebrity children. There are the ones that you read about all the time who you know are going to grow up and be the next Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen. Then there are the ones that seem to fall off the face of the earth, never to be seen again — remember Tom Cruise‘s other children with ex-wife Nicole Kidman?  Whatever happened to them?  And then there is Nicholas Cage‘s son, Weston Cage…the epitome of a waste of space. 

Cage has done the mature thing and taken to his Facebook page to announce to the world that he plans on ending his three month old marriage to his wife, Nikki Williams, after they got into a fight over the Fourth of July weekend which ended with both getting arrested for domestic violence.  Well gee, they sound like the perfect match to me.  After his statement, “Made my choice. Getting divorced,” he proceeded to hint that his soon-to-be ex-wife may be pregnant by saying, “Have fun killing my child BREYAN PRESCOTT.”  Yes, definitely stable enough to be a great father figure…

This is just the latest in an absurd series of bizarre rants which include venting about his relationship via video on the social networking site and asking his Facebook friends to “Vote on the Divorce. Yes or No.”  In the video he laments, “It’s hard to believe but I was the one abused….I got three witnesses, a video recording, I was sober.”  He then held up divorce papers in front of the camera (he certainly has a flair for the dramatic).  Less than an hour later he changed his Facebook status from “Married” to “It’s Complicated.” 

After the couple were arrested over the weekend for a domestic violence charge, Cage was released Tuesday on bail while his wife remains behind bars.  Cage has been caught in violent acts before including a fist fight with his personal trainer, but he denies every turning his anger on his wife claiming, “Never hit my wife. Why would I start abusing after she was positive after taking a pregnant-c test.”  How can you argue with that logic?  Some people just shouldn’t procreate. 

Source: E Online