Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban to Release Wedding Photo

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban will release a single free photograph to the media hours after their Australian wedding ceremony on Sunday.

The couple hope releasing the photograph will help curb aggressive paparazzi tactics at the actual event.

Instead of selling exclusive photographs to the press for money, the celebrity couple have requested that media outlets using the photo make a donation to a children’s hospital in the Sydney suburb of Randwick.

Locals in Sydney have dubbed the frenzy surrounding the wedding “Kidmania.”

TV news program The Insider reports that Kidman‘s The Hours co-star Meryl Streep touched down in Australia, skipping the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie The Devil Wears Prada.

Kidman‘s other co-star from The Hours, Julianne Moore, is also reportedly on the guest list, along with her Cold Mountain accomplice Renee Zellweger.

Kidman and Urban Want a ‘Normal Wedding’

Australian bride-to-be Nicole Kidman and her country music star fiancé Keith Urban insist they just want a “normal wedding.”

The guest list for their big day tomorrow includes actors Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman. Kidman‘s two children–Isabella and Connor–will attend, but their father and Kidman‘s ex-husband Tom Cruise is not invited.

The couple’s elaborate wedding plans include flying in 150,000 roses from Europe and hiring Sydney’s famous Orchestra string quartet.

But the soon-to-be-married pair don’t want the day to be ruined by invasive press attention.

Urban’s manager Rob Potts says, “Nicole and Keith just want a normal wedding and to celebrate with their friends and family.

“They’re both just happy to have their family around them at this time and both are really excited and very happy about the wedding.”

A marquee is currently being erected at a Catholic church in the Sydney suburb Manly, where the wedding is expected to take place.

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