Nicole Kidman ‘Questioned by FBI Over Wiretapping’

Nicole Kidman was reportedly questioned by America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over private detective Anthony Pellicano’s alleged, illegal wiretapping.

A recording of the Cold Mountain actress talking to her ex-husband Tom Cruise was found in Pellicano’s office in 2002, reports gossip site The recording was made shortly after the golden couple announced they were splitting in February 2001.

During their divorce, Cruise hired Los Angeles matrimonial lawyer Dennis Wasser–who had often used Pellicano’s services–while Kidman was represented by New York lawyer Bill Beslow, who consulted private detective Richie Di Sabatino.

Sabatino admits he was stunned to hear Kidman had allegedly been taped, saying, “We swept her phones and put on an encryption device, so she couldn’t be wire-tapped. We tried to keep one step ahead. (The tapes the FBI heard) was probably from Tom’s phone. Pellicano used to tap his own clients.

“They (Cruise and Kidman) settled quietly and relatively fast, and nothing came out except for one story in the National Enquirer, which was Pellicano’s tabloid of choice.”

Pellicano, 61, pleaded not guilty last month to charges of racketeering, interception of electronic communications and other offences in a Los Angeles court.

Besides Kidman and Cruise, Pellicano has also been accused of tapping the phones of Sylvester Stallone, Keith Carradine and producer Aaron Russo.

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