Nicole Papincak


Legal (9)

A Walk in the Woods 2015 (Movie)

Production Counsel(Business Affairs, Inc) (Legal Counsel)

The Keeping Room 2015 (Movie)

Legal Services Provider(Business Affairs, Inc) (Legal Services)

Black or White 2014 (Movie)

Production legal (Legal Services)

Chef 2014 (Movie)

Production Legal Services(Business Affairs, Inc) (Legal Services)

Evil Dead 2013 (Movie)

US Business And Legal Affairs Services(Business Affairs, Inc.) (Legal Services)

Death Sentence 2007 (Movie)

Production Counsel Services(Business Affairs Inc) (Legal Counsel)

Into the Wild 2007 (Movie)

(Legal Services)

Make it Happen 2007 (Movie)

Production and Legal Affairs(Business Affairs Inc) (Legal Services)

Premonition 2007 (Movie)

Production Counsel (Legal Counsel)