Nicollette Sheridan Calls for Paris Hilton to Be ‘Fried’

Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan has called for Paris Hilton to be “fried” for her “tacky and classless” TV commercial for fast food chain Carl’s Jr.

Late last year, Sheridan sparked an onslaught of complaints when she shed her towel in a racy football commercial. The outcry prompted network bosses to apologize.

But Sheridan is disgusted that she was subjected to such a huge backlash while Hilton‘s ad—which featured the bikini-clad hotel heiress provocatively hosing down a car and eating a burger—was allowed to stay on the air.

She tells Maxim magazine, “It was amazing that for two weeks it was on CNN and all the news channels. If this was something they were upset by, why play it over and over?

“It was ridiculous and a sad commentary on America. The NFL moment was done with humor. It was like a Saturday Night Live skit! If America is so freaked out by a couple of shoulder blades—give me a break. Such a double standard.

“You look at that commercial Paris Hilton did… I found it dirty. I’m not a prude, but I didn’t like it. It was tacky and classless. If you had a small child, you’d be much more offended by that commercial than the one I did. Let’s fry Paris Hilton, shall we?”

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